I recently needed a way to send merged mail through Powershell. That part is easy enough, but to take it a bit further, i wanted to be able to edit the mail in “HTML” format before sending it, without having to write HTML code. I googled my a** off trying […]

Rich Text Editor in Powershell GUI (WinForms)

If you’ve installed Office 365 (2013) on your terminal server, where the users have roaming profiles, you most likely dont want your users to sync their Onedrive to their profile. There is no good way to disable this feature, and your users should be able to use their Onedrive, it’s […]

“Disable” Onedrive sync option

To enable SSO in Outlook with Office365 (through ADFS), you need to do a few things: 1. In Server Manager on the AD FS 3.0 server, click Tools, and then click AD FS Management. 2. In the AD FS snap-in, click Authentication Policies. 3. In the Primary Authentication section, click […]

Outlook 2013 – Office 365 SSO (ADFS)

This was a bit of a mystery to me for quite some time, untill i figured out how to use the “Set-GPRegistryValue” command. A usefull tool is the RegistryPolReader utility from GpoGuy.com Let’s begin. I needed a source GPO that i could copy to a new GPO, link it and […]

Group Policy editing in Powershell

In a multi customer environment (AD), I’ve found no easy way of limiting the printservers a user can reach from the normal Windows Add Printers. Therefore I’ve created a small Powershell app to add printers from a printserver. To be able to use this, you have to do the following […]

Add Printer App

When using Outlook 2013 on Citrix (or any environment really), running on Windows Server 2012 R2, I noticed that notification toasts for new e-mails are not showing. I spent hours researching this, even contacted MS Premier support to get it sorted, no luck! We use GPP (Group Policy Prefrences) to […]

Outlook 2013 Missing Toast Notification (on Server 2012 R2)

Citrix Cloud Portal Services Manager –  API Functions…. Have you also tried to figure out how the f*** can i do this and that with the API? I have! The documentation provided by Citrix is just not that good. I’ve created a PowerShell app for my needs, below is a collection […]

CPSM API Functions