I recently needed a way to send merged mail through Powershell. That part is easy enough, but to take it a bit further, i wanted to be able to edit the mail in “HTML” format before sending it, without having to write HTML code. I googled my a** off trying […]

Rich Text Editor in Powershell GUI (WinForms)

In a multi customer environment (AD), I’ve found no easy way of limiting the printservers a user can reach from the normal Windows Add Printers. Therefore I’ve created a small Powershell app to add printers from a printserver. To be able to use this, you have to do the following […]

Add Printer App

Citrix Cloud Portal Services Manager –  API Functions…. Have you also tried to figure out how the f*** can i do this and that with the API? I have! The documentation provided by Citrix is just not that good. I’ve created a PowerShell app for my needs, below is a collection […]

CPSM API Functions